Frequently Asked Questions

For Personal Accounts
Why should I use Airbuy?
Every time you want to buy online, in no event will Airbuy require your sensitive banking details. We believe you don't need banking details to go shopping online.

Why do you need to expose your savings to FRAUDSTERS for an item your really want to buy online? Airbuy wants to create a comfortable shopping experience for you.
When you buy online using Airbuy, we hold onto your money until you have received your product or service . Only when you are satisfied do we send the money forward to the online store.
Currently Airbuy, does not charge you for using its services..
How do I recharge my account?
You can top up or recharge your account by sending an EFT to this account number

Bank: Nedbank

Acc number: 118 077 4051

Branch code: 195 005 00.

Use your cell phone number as your reference which will update you account in less than 5 minutes.

You can also walk up to a Nedbank ATM and deposit money into this account using your cell phone number as your reference.
As many times as you want to go shopping online.
The least amount of money you can use to top up your account is R50.00. Anything less than R50.00 will result in a penalty fee of R10.00.

Our advise is for you to top up your account with the exact amount of money you need to buy.
By logging into your account, all your transactions including your balance will be available to you on the dashboard.
Can I withdraw my money?
Because this is not a bank account, you will not be able to withdraw your money. You can only use your money to buy products or pay for services online.
Airbuy is a non-bank meaning your money will not earn interest after you've topped up your account.
Can I cancel my order?
After using Airbuy to purchase items online, we hold onto your money until you have received your product or services and are happy.
This depends on the terms and conditions from the online store you have bought from. Please make sure to read their T's & C's before making a purchase as Airbuy will not be held liable for your misreading.

For Business Accounts
Why should I consider Airbuy?
We charge you 2.5% for each successful transaction that happens in your e-commerce store which is comparatively reasonable compared to our competitors.

The reason being is because we are aware that banks charge you a fee when we deposit your money to you. The banks also charges a fee for withdrawing the cash from your account.
We send the money due to you as soon as your customer is satisfied with your service.

Which means payouts could happen the very same day..
Airbuy holds both you and the customer in high regard. We need to assure that the customer enjoys their shopping experience. We understand that a satisfied customer means they are more likely expected to come back.

This grows the e-commerce ecosystem and increases your share of the profit margins .
When does Airbuy do their payouts?
As soon as your customer is happy about the goods or services you've sold them. This builds reputational value for your online store as customers will be rating your service, heightening your chances of attracting another customer.

In other words, it depends on your service. We want your store to grow according to your customers experiences.
2.5% less of the total amount of every product that is bought by customers in your online store. R50.00.
Where do I find my API key?
Once you have created a business account and you are logged in, you'll have to tell us more about your online store, e.g. filling in your online store website address, sending us your logo, etc.

This will generate your API key which will be available on your dashboard. Learn more here.
Each webstore front has guidelines on which gateway you would like to use to receive payment. Click on the store you are currently using to add Airbuy on your store.


Alternatively get in touch with us if you are not using the webstore fronts mentioned above
Will my money earn some interest?
Airbuy is a non-bank meaning your money will not earn some interest after a customer has paid for your service.