the number of active transactions happening in your store. your reach into Africa and sell to more online customers. the number of active transactions in your store.

Not only is Airbuy profitable for your business, it also increases the profits of the whole e-commerce ecosystem.

Easier and better for your customers.

  • Your customer can either send an EFT or deposit money to recharge their balance.

  • Once they have recharged their balance, they are now ready to go shopping with their feet up.

  • All transactions will be communicated with both your customers and yourselves.

Available plugins

Why go with Airbuy?

Safety Precaution

Your customers do not have to put themselves at risk by exposing their personal banking details.

More Reach

Have access to everyone else over 16 who does not have a bank account as yet.

Track Activity

Review all the transactions taking part in your store, get feedback and advertise to all Airbuyers.

What if I don't have an online store as yet?

With the rise of digital content produced online, Airbuy provides access to insecure online consumers and people who've always wanted to buy online but are not banked as yet.