Wix Setup with Airbuy

We are going to walk you through setting up your API Key for your Wix store.

1. Landing on Airbuy

On the Landing page, follow the hand symbol and click on the link to Sign Up as a Seller also known as a Merchant.

2. Business Page

Click on SIGN UP or REGISTER MY ONLINE STORE to create your account.

3. Signing up


4. Enter your number

Fill in your cell number.

5. One Time Pin

An OTP will be sent to you to confirm whether your cell number is yours.

6. Verifying your OTP

Your number will be verified before you can continue.

7. Business Name

Your business name wont be editable once set. You'll have to make sure it is filled in correctly.

8. 4 Digit Pin

Create a 4 digit pin which will be required for logging in.

9. Successful Sign Up

After successfully signing up, you'll be redirected to your business profile page.

10. Business Details

Submit more of your business details which will be needed to verify your merchant account.

11. Please wait...

Your business details will be stored safely.

12. Uploading your Logo

If you have a logo to upload, click on UPDATE YOUR STORE LOGO HERE. If you do not have a logo, click on DASHBOARD.

13. Browse for Logo

Click on the Browse button to search for your logo .

14. Select your Logo

After finding your store logo, select and open the image file.

15. Cropping the Logo

Before going on, the logo will have to be cropped into a square image.

16. Activate your Account

Click on the link sent to the email address you entered in your business profile to activate your account. You will get access to your API key and you will be able to sell online.

17. Green Tick

After clicking on the link sent to your email, your account will now be active. You'll have access to your API key and you'll be able to sell your products online.

18. API Key

Tap on ACCESS YOUR KEY to have access to your API key.

19. Next...

20. Wix Setup

Login or Sign up into Wix.

21. Add Apps

On the left hand side of the screen, select the Add Apps icon.

22. Ecwid

In the search field, look for Ecwid.

23. Add to Site

24. Get Started

Double click on "Double click to get started" under the Setup Store button.

25. Create Ecwid Account

Create an Ecwid Account if you don't have one already.

26. Or Connect

If you have an Ecwid account, Connect to it.

27. Sign into your Ecwid account

Complete your registration by signing into your Ecwid account here.

28. Step 2

29. Step 3

30. Step 4

31. Ecwid Dashboard

Finish off Store setup.

32. Add more products

After completing the Store setup click on Add products to have more.

33. Product Catalog

34. App Market

Go to the left panel and hover over Apps and select App Market.

35. Search and Install

Search for Airbuy and install.

36. Payment

Go to the left panel and click on Payment. Enable Airbuy. Then click on Airbuy for more details.

37. Paste API Key

Paste the API Key you copied at number 18 above and click on the "< BACK".

38. Go back to Wix

Now you can Publish your Wix store using products you've added on Ecwid.

39. Test out the online-store

Go to the navigation bar at the top and click on Online Store.

40. Checkout

341. Pay with Airbuy

Select Airbuy and then Go to Payment.